Museum Studies at Florida State University offers an interdepartmental program leading to a graduate level specialized study based on both academic knowledge and on-site training. This grounding in theory and practice culminates in the internship experience with students working alongside professionals in archives, libraries, galleries, and museums.

The Specialized Study in Museum Theory and Practice is granted as a supplement to a graduate degree program. This dual approach follows the American Association of Museums’ recommendations that specialized museum training be combined with one or more academic disciplines as the ideal preparation for a professional career. Presently students comes from the academic units of art, art education, arts administration, art history, classics, dance, history, history and philosophy of science, information studies, interior design, recreation and leisure services administration, retail merchandising and product development, and theatre. The program is open to students in all fields.

Mission Statement

Museum Theory and Practice at Florida State University is a specialized study with a broad understanding of museums and practical experience in museum work. The program prepares students for museum careers by adding specific museum instruction to their departmental studies. Students gain critical intelligence and the ability to analyze and achieve objectives in the professional museum field through a combination of discipline-based knowledge and practical training.